26 days remain before the October 19, 2019 National Test Date.
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Thank you for putting together a very thorough study program with clear instructions and advice in how to use the program. I scored an 88% on my last exam in preparation for the NCE and scored 83% on the NCE.  Thanks again for helping me pass.

BS from Maryland

Thank You NCEExam.com! I passed on the first attempt. My score was 129 out of 160 (80%), the minimum passing score was 89 (55%) with a mean of 106 (66%) and standard deviation of 18.  Your system works exactly as you promised and I couldn't be happier.  The preparation steps and video in your plan are easy to follow and the pre-test preparation allowed me to stay calm and ready during the exam.  I am especially pleased with your practice tests which are excellent study sources. You are worth every penny!

BD from Idaho