180 days remain before the April 22, 2017 National Test Date.
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I was very pleased with the results I achieved on the NCE due to the study format of NCEExam.com.  I followed the recommended study plan on a shortened schedule - I went through the chapters 3 full times over the course of 6 weeks and took many more chapter tests, and a total of 5 practice tests.  I scored an average of 78 on the practice tests, but scored significantly higher on the actual NCE.  For my particular exam, a raw score of 97 (61%) was needed to pass.  I scored a 146 (91%).  I used only NCEExam.com in my preparations, so thank you very much for your help!  I highly recommend your program to anyone preparing for the NCE.

TL from Texas

Yes I passed the first time!!!  Thanks Daryl for putting together such a user friendly preparation program to bump up my studies for the NCE.  I had been out of school for over five years and felt very apprehensive about taking the exam.  The investment I made with you was so well worth all the studying and preparation.  I highly recommend your program to anyone seeking to pass. 

Thank you!! 

MK from Alabama