58 days remain before the April 21, 2018 National Test Date.
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Dear www.nceexam.com,

I took the NCE and it only took me 2 hours because I was well prepared.  And I passed by over 43 points!  I have recommended you to everyone I know that needs to take the NCE.  I passed my NCE today with room to spare.  The passing score was 93/160 and I rec'd 136/160.  The nat'l mean was reported by the NCE to be 113/160.

I just wanted to thank you for your comprehensive study guide and online study exams.  They helped me prepare for and pass my NCE on the first try!  With the feedback of the chapter tests, I was able to focus on my weak areas and spend less time on those I already knew.  The full exams were especially important in preparing for the actual NCE exam because they included 200 questions that were very similar to those on the exam.

Thanks again!

PP from Washington

I wanted you to know that I took the NCE yesterday, and I passed. I actually did quite well, slightly better than my last two online exam scores (which is really good). In my last two tests I got identical scores of 81.9. My NCE score was 135/160. That would be an 84%. But looking at their statistics, the mean for my test was 107.23 and the SD was 15. I scored at a +1.5SD which is around a 92. Anyway, your materials worked! However, I studied on a daily basis for over two months and took eight 200 items tests, and almost as many chapter tests.

I am also a late bloomer in taking my NCE. I got my original MA in Counseling and Guidance in 1975. But I was on active duty in the Air Force and blew off the idea of being a counselor. After I retired, I became a nursing home administrator and did that for 23 years. I only recently realized that I want to go back to counseling. Nceexam's materials were a wonderful comprehensive review and update on my career field.

Anyway, please pass on my appreciation to the rest of the nceexam.com team. (bold words clarified by www.nceexam.com)

JL from Texas